BostonSight® Introduces Innovative Scleral Lens Fitting System

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January 25, 2017
BostonSight recently introduced an innovative new system – called simply BostonSight SCLERAL – for more easily fitting patients with scleral lenses that virtually eliminates any costly and time-consuming modifications.

BostonSight is a non-profit eye healthcare organization that for 25 years has been known as Boston Foundation for Sight. It is the worldwide pioneer in the field of scleral lenses best known for creating the life-changing treatment for corneal disease sufferers, BostonSight PROSE treatment. (PROSE stands for prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem.)

“The new BostonSight SCLERAL lens fitting system incorporates years of experience in lens design and precise customization into a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of 22 fitting lens,” says BostonSight’s Director of Clinical Care, Karen G. Carrasquillo, OD, PhD, FAAO, FSLS. “Our lens fitting system now minimizes or eliminates the need for customization in scleral lens fitting by harnessing the power of our historical patient data.”

The BostonSight SCLERAL fitting system leverages six years of patient data from approximately 7000 eyes. It offers the first-ever, evidence-based, data-driven fitting system that lets eye care practitioners (principally optometrists) predictably and accurately fit patients with scleral lenses with far fewer, if any, modifications.

Key opinion leaders in the industry have used the BostonSight SCLERAL lens fitting system for the past year. Their reaction has been universally positive to have a lens-fitting system in the large-diameter category that eliminates the guesswork in scleral lens design resulting in a more dependable fit right from the start.

BostonSight SCLERAL offers the first fitting system with right- and left-eye anatomical designs. Available in 18.0mm, 18.5mm and 19.0mm diameter designs, it uses a single starting point regardless of a patient’s condition. BostonSight SCLERAL is also the first scleral lens to provide front-surface eccentricity options, including, a quadrant-specific toric peripheral haptic system.

The innovations with BostonSight SCLERAL go, literally, beyond the fitting process. Practices will use BostonSight’s comprehensive, three-part program called Beyond the Fit™  for ongoing lens ordering and patient support.
  • FitConnect™ – an intuitive, Web-based fitting and order management system
  • FitAssist™ – a lens voucher program, which allows BostonSight SCLERAL practitioners to provide their patients with financial assistance
  • MyFitReport™ – a Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) program that provides practitioners with valuable patient-specific feedback
The BostonSight SCLERAL fitting system has no startup costs, and requires no extensive training or special equipment. Qualified practices receive complimentary diagnostic lens sets and online training webinars. To sign up a practice, register at or call 888-SCLERAL.
About BostonSight:
BostonSight is an internationally renowned nonprofit eye healthcare organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for patients and their families by transforming the understanding, treatment and care of the ocular surface. Compassionate care is at the heart of their approach to medical treatment; since 1992 it has restored vision to thousands of patients around the world.

Its headquarters in Needham, MA includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing lab, a Medical Institute with 13 exam and training rooms, a Clinical Research Center and a Patient and Community Support Center. They enjoy educational partnerships with the renowned Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, the New England College of Optometry, and the School of Optometry at MCPHS University.  BostonSight PROSE treatment is provided at 12 locations nationwide including five of the top 10 centers of excellence for ophthalmology as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. BostonSight SCLERAL will be available across the US and Canada.

For more information, please visit:
Tara Stepanian, Manager of Annual Giving Programs

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