Two Weeks Unlimited Classes for $39

Offer Valid: 04/30/2022 - 09/30/2022
Show up and tone your body, improve your posture and boost your confidence.
All you have to do is show up. We've got you, and you've got this too. Everyone and every body type is welcome — women, men, all ages, expecting mothers, physical therapy patients — our members come from all walks of life and have various abilities, goals, and histories with exercise. Starting with your first class, each class thereafter will be customized with modifications and challenge options. You’ll learn barre exercises and techniques and be inspired to power through challenging moments. If you begin with just two Bar Method classes per week: you may start to feel muscle soreness in a good way during the first week (that's their way of telling you they are working hard). By week 2, class will feel more challenging on some days, and you may begin shaking (woo!) Listen to the form tips from the instructor. Better form=faster results. Also, by the second week you will have an increased awareness of your posture, so yea, walk taller. By week 3, your body will feel stronger. You'll notice an increased flexibility thanks to the stretches woven in through class. By week 4, congrats, you have created a healthy Bar Method habit. You'll notice an increase in balance, coordination and endurance. PLUS, more defined legs and arms and a lifted seat. What's not to love??

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