Free Presentation: Overcoming Pandemic Fatigue, Social Isolation, and Reenergizing for the Future

Offer Valid: 04/14/2021 - 06/01/2021

Free One Hour Presentation Overcoming Pandemic Fatigue, Social Isolation, and Reenergize for the Future

I want to give back to Newton and the Chamber during COVID. I am offering a one hour free presentation to businesses that needs helps moving their employees from pandemic fatigue to energized and optimistic. I specialize in Crisis Management and assist organizations to move forward through COVID and prepare for the post-COVID workplace. To give you more background here is my LinkedIn profile: 

COVID’s impact has turned most people’s world upside down.  A year ago, we thought COVID would be a sprint, but it is a long marathon. It has created acute and continuous series of crises of health, food security, employment, childcare, education, social, community and economic.

75% of employees in the US reported in November 2020 that they had some symptoms of burnout. Many organizations want to increase their employees’ well-being, productivity, and retention, but not sure where to start.  This presentation will start the process of recovery along with pragmatic and easy first steps. Then I will present a path forward that can be customized for your company.  


  1. Why has COVID created stress, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion that we have never seen before?
  2. Why is employee self-care so central to successfully thriving COVID?
  3. What are some pragmatic ways employees can improve their self-care?
  4. What are the red flags of burnout?
  5. What are some realistic strategies to prevent further burnout?
  6. How can Zoom meetings be engaging?
  7. How to create and maintain boundaries at home between work and family life?
  8. What are some important keys to building resiliency?
  9. How to foster more human connections and reduce social isolation among colleagues?
  10. What are the serious gaps between what executives think and employees experiences during COVID?
  11. What is the impact of Managers’ genuine caring for employees?
  12. What will the post-COVID work world most likely look like and to prepare for it?
  13. How to create hope for the future?

I look forward to speaking with you! I would be delighted to help get your business moving forward with some hope and optimism.

Please call me at 781-899-4210 or email: 

My website is: Wishing you prosperity and health! 

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