Business Application Manager

Posted: 05/12/2019

OVERALL POSITION OBJECTIVES: Responsible for the identification of new accounting / property management related software from the design, construction and final implementation of the software. Enhance existing software to fully utilize and maximize investment. Provide input for changes and improvements to commercial real estate related software.
KEY POSITION ACCOUNTABILITIES: Responsible for the identification of commercial real estate related software from the design, construction and final implementation of the software. This process includes meeting with the vendor to understand the software, establishing focus groups for buy-in from the general population, contract negotiation, developing an implementation plan, tailoring the software to our needs, writing training manuals and performing all training. Responsible for the daily maintenance and support of the existing business applications including MRI, AvidXchange, Building Engines and SalesForce. Daily support and maintenance includes setting up new bank accounts, entities/buildings, users, general ledger accounts, partners, batch financial reports and approval workflows etc. Responsible for the daily assurance of data integrity and fixing all data errors via Microsoft Sequel statements and imports/exports. Maximize return on investment in existing commercial real estate related software by enhancing and customizing the database to meet the company’s needs. This includes utilizing Report Design, View Design and Table Design to create customized reports, views and tables. Responsible for providing data/information requested by all departments including JV Partners. This information/data may be financial, property, lease or portfolio statistical data. Assist with the research, identification and implementation of software that will provide business intelligence and analysis.
BACKGROUND, EXPERIENCE & SKILLS: Minimum of 4 years of commercial real estate experience through public/private mix or pure private in an Accounting or IT Department. Candidate should have an overall understanding of commercial leases and how they relate to financial reporting and other business analytics. Must be proficient in Microsoft Sequel (SQL) to be used for database design, mining data and connecting to other SQL databases. Experience in MRI for Web and MRI for Windows, AvidXchange Paperless Accounts Payable Approval Software, Building Engines and SalesForce preferred. Ideal candidate will have working knowledge of MRI database schema and expertise in MRI Report Design, View Design and Web Design. Must be knowledgeable with Excel and Word. Retail real estate experience would be a plus.

Job Type: Full Time

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