Volunteer Education Assistant

Posted: 10/27/2019

Located across from Boston’s Chestnut Hill Reservoir, the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum is a non-profit that educates the public on the history of the water system and showcases three historic, massive steam engines. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with our museum's educational programming. 

No specific background in engineering or the water industry is required; we are primarily looking for volunteers with general experience instructing children. Our staff and volunteers will be excited to teach you about the history of Boston's water system, training you to lead activities for our museum's educational programs. A program may involve helping students tour the museum, test water quality, build water filters, interpret primary documents, use a yoke-and-bucket, and more. Age ranges vary from one student group to another.

 For this opportunity, we're interested in anyone who: 

1. Is comfortable with public speaking and/or teaching  

2. Is willing to learn the material and lead groups of 25 or less students 

3. Can work with kids for 1.5-3 hours (depends on the specific program; includes breaks)  

Our need is primarily for help on weekday mornings, particularly Wednesday-Friday. Volunteer opportunities will vary related to how often schools, camps, etc. are requesting educational programs. Once you are ready to perform the material, we add you to our growing roster and let you know when opportunities come up. You can choose which ones you want based on your schedule.  

If interested, please reach out to us at ethan.grosso@waterworksmuseum.org

Job Type: Volunteer Opportunity

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