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We’re Michael & Greer Missouri, and we love candy. More than anything, we love great candy. We’ve had the privilege to visit and call more than a few countries home, falling in love with some pretty spectacular sweets along the way.

In October of 2019, inspired by the traditional Scandinavian penny candy experience, we opened our dream candy boutique, offering an extensive self-serve selection of over 200 varieties of candy and chocolate sourced from all over the world.

After closing for 5 months due to COVID-19, we have pivoted and re-opened with a refined selection of imported candy, chocolate and licorice in our own custom-designed pouches -- a true labor of love! Despite the ups and downs we've seen over the last year, our mission remains unchanged: to bring the world's finest sweets to your doorstep, so you don't have to fly away to get away. At sukker & sweet, you can expect salted licorice from Finland, spicy mango gummies from Spain, chocolate dipped gummy bears from Sweden, milk chocolate dipped potato chips from the USA - one of our personal favorites - and so much more.

Our soulful approach shines through in the experience and collection we’ve cultivated for guests, both in our boutique and online, as we have hand-selected every gummy, licorice, marshmallow and chocolate offered.

Thank you for sharing in our vision and tasting the world with us!


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