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Adviser Investments, founded in 1994, is an independent money management firm dedicated to serving individuals, trusts, institutions and foundations. Adviser Investments specializes in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. We also offer individual bond strategies for high-net-worth investors. Adviser Investments currently manages more than $4.0 billion for more than 3,500 clients nationwide. Our minimum account size is $350,000.

The operating philosophy behind Adviser Investments is to make you feel as secure as possible about investing in today's turbulent markets. In investing, as in tailoring, there's no such thing as ''one size fits all.'' So we work closely with you to create solutions that meet your unique goals: From retirement planning to capital preservation to charitable giving to facilities funding for institutions.

More important than what we do, however, is who we are and what we value.

We pride ourselves on being ''An Adviser You Can Talk To.'' What we mean by that is that we're good listeners. We don't talk at you. We talk with you. We take the time to get to know you, your family, your passions and your values. Our goal is quite simply to create an investment plan that gets you where you want to go while still allowing you to sleep at night.

At Adviser Investments we're ''Fortune Builders, Not Fortune TellersTM.'' You won't find us jumping on the latest investment bandwagon or trying to time moves in and out of the market. We believe patience and time ''in'' the market—not market timing—are key to investment success.

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