CMIT Solutions expands technology reign across Boston

Local Entrepreneur Opens New Office to Enhance IT Services and 
Support for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Boston, Newton and Waltham
CMIT Solutions, the nation’s leading provider of information technology (IT) services to the small and medium-sized business community, announced the opening of a new office to expand support for the greater Boston community. Local business owners and management now have a larger network of trusted IT service providers in town to provide flat rate, around-the-clock maintenance and monitoring solutions.
“With the vibrant success of the Boston-Cambridge location, it is clear the Boston small and medium-sized business community needs more IT service providers,” said Scott D. Krentzman, president of CMIT Solutions of Boston, Newton, Waltham. “With my additional greater Boston area location, these companies will now have access to an expanded full-time IT staff they can trust and rely upon.” 
Offering a broad spectrum of proactive computer maintenance, monitoring and virtual technology packages, along with quick response services when crises occur, CMIT Solutions has carved out its niche as an industry innovator that specializes in working closely with the business community. Combine this with the company’s leading technology partners, including Microsoft, Dell, and Intuit, and the metro Boston business community now has an edge in today’s increasingly challenging marketplace. 

“When it comes to the technology infrastructure, businesses from five to five-hundred employees deserve to have access to the same tools and support services as large enterprises,” Krentzman explained. “They need assurance that their confidential business data will be protected, computers will run without interruption, and their system will remain free from viruses, spyware, hackers and failures. The Boston-Cambridge team has already shown the Boston community CMIT Solutions can provide the expert advice and problem-solving approach that large businesses receive from high-dollar consultants at rates local businesses can afford. CMIT Solutions of Boston, Newton, Waltham will continue to build that legacy among our business community.”


For more information on CMIT Solutions of Boston, Newton, Waltham and the services it offers, please call 617-221-4100 or visit    


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